Hey loves! Below, you'll find the episodes of SOCIAL MEDIA FOR SOCIAL GOOD: How to become an Instagram influencer and online activist.

Listen in to learn all about my secrets to using social media, namely Instagram, to find your voice and empower others. 



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episode 1: the truth about being an influencer

In this first episode, I'll be discussing the truth about being an Instagram influencer. It may look fun and easy, but being an Influencer is a lot of hard work.

episode 2: how to brand yourself

Knowing yourself and your brand is key to connecting with others. This episode will cover exactly that. I'll be talking about finding what makes you passionate, choosing a niche, and more.

episode 3: content creation

Content without purpose won't speak to your audience and won't be successful. In episode 3, I discuss how to create content that resonates with your audience and also looks great. 

EPISODE 4: GROW Your following by maximizing instagram

Learn my main strategies and secrets to growing a following. From what to do when you post to how to use hashtags and how to avoid falling into the trap of "Am I enough?", I'll help you figure out how to be successful online.

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Episode 5: Getting Started With Brands

I'm always getting DMs and texts about how to work with brands. So in the next two episodes, I tackle all things brand related. In this episode, I cover getting started and the platforms I used to get started, balancing sponsored and organic content, and when to reject brands' offers. 

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episode 6: Working With Brands - Pitching, Negotiating And When To Say No 

In this episode, I continue responding to my MOST asked question of all time: How do I work with brands? I cover what not to do when pitching to brands, how to draw brands in so they say yes, and knowing when to decline offers. I also reveal my secret to how I landed a brand collaboration with Lively without even emailing them.

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