THE Embody Your WorthShop

A live webinar designed to empower micro-influencers by teaching you how to earn and embody your worth so you can demand it from brands and start monetizing your influence


Before we dive in, I need to know:

  • Have you ever wondered how to turn your side hustle working with brands as a micro-influencer into REAL MONEY?

  • Are you tired of putting HOURS OF WORK into ONE POST just for a free necklace?

  • Have you ever wondered how to turn FREE PRODUCT into a PAID OPPORTUNITY?

  • Is content creation for unpaid brand collaborations starting to BURN YOU OUT?

  • Does asking brands for payment CONFUSE and INTIMIDATE you?

  • Are you TIRED of being TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF by brands?

  • Does the thought of MONETIZING your influence excite you?

  • Are you ready to take things to the next level and show brands that you DESERVE to be paid?

If you answered yes to these questions… the Embody Your WorthShop is FOR YOU.


this is me!

I want to learn how to earn and embody my worth so I can demand it and start monetizing my side hustle as a microinfluencer.

I felt the exact same way

Two years ago, I was accepting any and every offer from brands that came my way. I thought the value I provided was worthy of nothing more than a free lipstick or necklace. 

As my content improved and my following increased, so did the offers. I accepted nearly everything, thinking that brands would stop offering me free products and start offering me money once I hit a magical number like 10,000 followers.

Eventually, I lost inspiration and felt exhausted. The work I put into these posts was no longer worth the free stuff. 

I decided it was time to start saying no and DEMAND MY WORTH.

I was nervous about this transition. I had just 3000 followers or so and wasn’t sure if brands would want to pay me, but I knew the worst that could happen was less free stuff I didn’t need anyway.

Fast forward to last September and I joined a small clean beauty company and began managing their influencer relations. I gained a huge understanding of what brands look for in influencers and saw the disparity between micro-influencers who took this seriously and those who were just in it for free stuff.

Those that took their work seriously knew their worth and showed me, the brand, their worth. With as little as 2500 followers, influencers were able to convince me to pay them, despite our extremely tight budget as a start up.

I took note and started implementing these influencers’ strategies so brands would take me seriously and see that I deserved payment.

In November, I joined the inaugural Fohr Freshman Class, an initiative dedicated to improving diversity in influencer campaigns. 

I received free training and education from one of the leading companies in the burgeoning influencer marketing space. I learned all about communicating and working with brands from people whose entire careers were dedicated to navigating influencer-brand relations. 

I learned from James Nord of the infamous A Drink With James YouTube series dedicated to answering influencers’ questions about working with brands.

Months later, I decided to take things even further. With less than $1000 to my name, I invested $3000 on a group coaching course with Kahlea Nicole.

I learned how to take my pitches to the next level, how to negotiate my worth and refuse to accept less than I deserve, how to read contracts and ensure brands wouldn’t take advantage of me, and more.

Now, at just 5000 followers, I’ve worked with Express, ASOS, Aerie, Primark, and other major brands. I’ve landed partnerships with a hotel, transformed an unpaid opportunity into $150 without knowing whether a brand had a budget, earned a $300 opportunity with one of my favorite brands, and STOPPED letting brands take advantage of me.

On August 19th, I’m ready to take all of the knowledge and experience I’ve gained and package it into two hours of pure gold.

If you’re ready to join me so you can stop letting brands take advantage of you and start monetizing your influence, The Embody Your WorthShop is FOR YOU!


What does The Embody Your WorthShop cover?

The Embody Your WorthShop is geared toward micro-influencers who want to monetize their influence. Over the course of an hour and a half, I’ll be covering:

  • How to pitch to brands

  • How to earn your worth by impressing brands when you work with them

  • How to demand your worth by negotiating with brands

  • What to look for in the fine print so brands can’t take advantage of you

You’ll see real life examples of pitches I sent to brands that landed me paid work and a free hotel stay at just 5000 followers

I’ll also provide real life negotiation examples of how:

  • I turned a partnership asking for 5 posts at $25 each (story and in-feed) into way less work for the same amount of money.

  • I turned an unpaid opportunity into $150 without knowing whether or not the company had a budget.

  • I turned an unpaid relationship with a brand that “didn’t have a budget” into $150 for just one post.

Is this the program you’ve been waiting for? are you ready to stop playing small and LEVEL UP? what are you waiting for!? Join me and learn how to earn and embody your worth so you can get PAID!



If you’re still not sure whether or not this is worth it for you, I’ve made sure to sweeten the deal. Everyone that signs up before August 16th will receive:

  • A bonus pitching template

  • A list of 3rd party platforms I’ve used to get paid and build my portfolio

If you sign up before then, you’ll receive even MORE bonuses!

  • The first FIVE people to sign up and you’ll receive a FREE CONSULTATION CALL with me.

  • Those who sign up before August 8th will receive a FREE PITCHING AUDIT from me.

If for some reason you’re STILL not sure whether this is worth it… These bonuses bring the total value of this course to over $4000. When I tell you I’m cramming complete and utter GOLD into this webinar, I mean it.

Ok, I’m sold. I need $4000 worth of knowledge and these bonuses. I’m ready to embody my worth!


i need $4000 worth of knowledge for $99!

I’m STOKED to invest in my worth so I can demand it and start monetizing my influence. I can’t wait for August 19th!

how does this work?

On August 19th at 6 PM EST, you and the rest of the participants will join me on a Zoom call. I’ll be sending out an email with the link to join a few days before then. And don’t worry! Zoom is totally free so you won’t need to do anything but make sure you have a notebook, pen, your laptop, and your undivided attention.

At the end of the call, I’ll have at least 30 minutes set aside for you to ask me any and all questions on working with brands as an influencer. I strongly encourage that you keep at least two hours free so you can stick around for that!

These will be the most valuable two hours of your life. I’m packing $4000 worth of education into this webinar so that you can LEVEL UP and start DEMANDING YOUR WORTH from brands. do you want in on the most valuable hours of your life?


Frequently Asked Questions

When will The Embody Your WorthShop take place? 

The Embody Your WorthShop will take place on Monday, August 19th at 6 PM EST.

What if I can’t make it then?

I strongly encourage that you make time to be there for the live session. There will be a 30 minute Q+A session at the end of our time together, as well as the chance to ask questions while I’m teaching you live. The webinar will be recorded and sent to all participants, but watching the recording won’t provide you live access to me and my teachings.

What does the one-on-one consultation call with you entail?

You get 30 minutes of my undivided attention to ask me any and all questions you want. Want to improve your branding? Not sure how to reply to a brand’s outreach? Feeling unsure of the response you’re about to hit send on to a brand? This is the perfect chance to get help from me on that and more. Take advantage of this by September 19th, 2019.

What’s a pitch audit?

After learning more about how to pitch to brands during the WorthShop, those that sign up by August 8th 11:59 PM EST will be able to send me a pitch they wrote up based on what they’ve learned. I’ll be providing real, individualized feedback to these individuals on their pitches to set them up for success. Take advantage of this by September 2, 2019.

Do you offer refunds?

I will not be offering refunds for the Embody Your WorthShop.

I have another question!

Feel free to DM me at @a_nnabae or email me at I’ll get back to you in no more than 48 hours!


the embody your worthshop

This is how you’ll be walking into your inbox to negotiate with brands after this webinar. You will be ready to demand your worth.