What the F is the Fohr Freshman Class?

If you’ve been following me since November, you probably saw all the excitement and craziness surrounding the Fohr Freshman Class. From my application, to my acceptance, to my flight into New York where I stayed at the most boujee hotel ever and even visited the Instagram headquarters... everything was a blur, honestly. Keep reading to find out what exactly this opportunity was and what we did!

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Annabelle SchmittComment
Why media by womxn for womxn matters

When I was younger, magazines like Vogue and Cosmo shaped the way I viewed myself as a little girl and young woman. Even though I rarely read them, seeing the airbrushed models on the covers of these magazines as my mom was checking out at Giant most certainly impacted my self esteem. I really wish that I had been exposed to more uplifting media back then. I wish even more that magazines and media companies like Make Muse existed at such a critical point in my life.

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