Winter Style: Scarves and Sweaters

I hate winter time. Sure, you can wear sweaters and scarves, but it’s cold as hell out so you end up staying indoors and can’t really do anything fun outside. My skin gets drier, my Netflix consumption increases alongside my food intake, and there’s always that one day when I look down and realized I’ve developed a little pooch that wasn't there over the summer! Can you tell I’m not a fan?

Photos by  Michael Vo

Photos by Michael Vo

I also don’t care for winter clothes. They’re so bulky and just…. Eugh. Half the time, they don’t keep me warm enough, anyway. Last month, though, CollegeFashionista selected me to participate in their Primark campaign. I was so stoked! I’ve never been chosen for one of their campaigns before so this was a huge deal for me. It was honestly super stressful given the tight deadlines around holiday and finals season, but thanks to Michael I knocked it out easily.


I received a number of items from Primark*, but the item I love and use the most is the scarf. I usually stick to simpler scarves, so it was a bit of a challenge for me to style this star covered scarf, but I ended up loving the final look, so here’s my take on styling a winter scarf.

I wanted the scarf to be the focus of the outfit, so I stuck with simple colors. I picked up this sweater in Taiwan from a shop that sold clothes from Korea. It’s a simple white sweater, but the little details in the shoulders and sleeves make it so much more interesting than your average sweater. Check out the sweaters below for some more unique takes on white sweaters. They’re all under $25! Just click the image and it’ll take you right to the site.

I’m crushing on the cropped flare trend still, so I’ve been wearing these grey corduroys on repeat. As for shoes, I love the sleek look of glove boots paired with cropped flares, so I wore my Steve Madden booties. Primark also gifted me some socks so I had those peek out of the shoes. You could always opt for just no-show socks, but what’s the fun in that? The socks I wore aren’t on sale at Primark anymore, but Urban has some super cute socks and tights for only $5 that you could pair with an outfit like this for that extra ~spice~.


This kind of outfit would honestly work with just any long winter scarf. Primark unfortunately isn’t selling the star one I’m wearing here, but I linked some great finds from Urban below for you guys. Same as before, click the image to check it out! Most of them are on sale, too!

Photos by  Michael Vo

Photos by Michael Vo

That’s it for now, loves. Thanks for reading!

Talk to me in the comments below. Do you like winter and scarves and sweaters? Or are you like me, longing for hot, summer days in your favorite shorts and a crop top?




*They gifted me both the scarf and socks I'm wearing for this outfit, but they did not ask me to write this post! I was just really happy with how the photos came out and ended up loving the outfit I styled enough to write a full blog post.