Stand tall with stripes and jumpsuits this summer

Summer is my favorite season. I’ve never been a fan of the cold, as it results in dry skin and leaves me cooped up indoors. Summer trends mean fun, flirty clothes that don’t constrict me and let my skin breathe. This summer, I’m crushing on bright colors, stripes and jumpsuits, so when I saw this jumpsuit at Urban Outfitters that combined all of that for 30% off PLUS my $5 off coupon… I had to have it.

Jumpsuits are an all around win. Just like with rompers, throw on a jumpsuit and you already have a whole outfit! Just add some shoes. In my case, I slipped on these incredibly comfy block heel sandals from Material Girl. If you’re like me and air conditioning seems to always leave you with goosebumps, throw on an oversized denim jacket for both practicality and style. If you’re in New York, I highly recommend thrifting one from Urban Jungle in Bushwick, which is part of L Train Vintage. Better for the environment, better for your wallet.

The long length of jumpsuits elongates anyone’s figure. The stripes on this particular jumpsuit are amazing, as they slim you down and make you look as tall as the eiffel tower. (Taking photos from a low angle helps, too.)

For this shoot, I headed into downtown Kennett Square with Michael. Earlier that day, I had passed by this old car with a friend and also noticed the mint and white areas in town. Michael and I originally had plans to shoot elsewhere, but inspiration struck and I'm so glad we changed our minds. This is definitely our best work to date. 

Stand tall with stripes and jumpsuits this summer 5

If you’re loving jumpsuits and stripes like I am, I’ve listed a few of my favorites from Urban below. Simply click the photo of whichever ones you like to take a look!

I love shopping from Urban because even though things can be pricier, I always wear these pieces over and over again. Brands like H&M and Forever 21 are cheaper, but I find that I usually stop wearing those clothes after not too long, as they lose their original look after a few wears and washes due to the poor quality.

Urban also recently came out with a way to pay for their clothing without breaking the college budget all at once. Instead of paying, say $69 at once, you can make four installments of $17.25 every two weeks. There’s never been a better time to treat yourself. Grab my jumpsuit at Urban Outfitters and my shoes from Macy's


I hope you guys enjoyed this blog post! I talked a lot about Urban Outfitters, and while I am working for URBN this summer, I wrote this post because I love this jumpsuit, I love UO, and I love the photos Michael and I took.

Drop me a comment! Are you loving jumpsuits this summer? What other summer trends of 2018 do you love?





Below are some of my favorites from UO. All of them are $79  (4 installments of $19.75) or $69 (4 installments of $17.25). Simply click the image to check them out!