Self Love and Privilege with Ashley Graham

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I’ve started working out more recently in an effort to take better care of my physical health. I’ve been taking a jogging class for a health gen ed this semester and I suppose running twice a week has really helped me rediscover my love for working out.

Photo by  Patrick Spurlock

I used to workout obsessively, though. I had a terrible relationship with my body and food and it manifested in some intense crankiness and more. It’s taken a long time to recover from that and love my body, but I’m finally in a place where I feel as though working out won’t lead to this kind of unhealthy mindset.

This time, I’m shifting my focus from the number on the scale and the appearance of my abs to how I feel about myself.

Photo by  Patrick Spurlock

Consuming content that’s body positive and addresses fatphobia has been immensely beneficial for me on this journey. Lately, I’ve been following Somale @thefatsextherapist, who breaks down fatphobia. Her account has helped me unpack my own fatphobia while learning to appreciate my own body.

More recently, I tuned into a livestream with Ashley Graham, a body positive icon and role model. She sat down with the New York Times’s beauty and fashion editor, Joanna Nikas, as part of their latest series for college students, Get With The Times. They chatted business, privilege, self love, confidence, and so much more.

When the livestream ended, I felt inspired and empowered to be my authentic self. I also really wanted to be Ashley’s friend. She’s so down to earth and so funny. She even talked about her own privilege as a white woman and acknowledged the importance of true diversity, as opposed to diversity.

Here are my four favorite takeaways from the livestream.

The words you say to yourself are powerful. Ashley talked about the importance of speaking to yourself kindly. Negative self talk will manifest in self hatred and truly deplete your confidence. Instead, choose to speak positively to yourself.

At the age of 18, when everyone was telling her to lose weight for her modeling career, she came up with the affirmation of “I am bold. I am brilliant. I am beautiful. I am worthy of all. I love you.”

Self Love and Privilege with Ashley Graham

Speak your future into existence. Just as positive and negative self talk manifest themselves in your everyday life, telling yourself that you intend to open up a business, land a job, move to a new city, etc. are key to success. The more you say it, the more you believe it and believe that you are fully capable of achieving your dreams.

We all have a voice. Ashley talked about the power of social media and reminded us that we all have a platform, whether that’s our Instagram or our voice when talking to our friends and family. We can use our platform to share our message with the world and effect powerful, lasting change. Why not use it to spread love and shine light on issues that truly matter?

Check out  this article  where Ashley chats more about white privilege and uplifting women of color.

Check out this article where Ashley chats more about white privilege and uplifting women of color.

Acknowledge and use your privilege to uplift marginalized groups. Ashley was asked about diversity in the beauty industry and immediately called out her own privilege as a white woman. She reminded us that women of color have had curvy bodies forever and that we need to use our voices to uplift these women and not tokenize them. More importantly, she talked about how we must work to make opportunities available for women of color, who are typically excluded from positions of power.

Chat with me in the comments. Which is your favorite? Is there anything you’re still working toward in terms of loving yourself?