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Every so often, people like to refer to feminism as the “f word”. It’s a joke, honestly, but it’s kind of upsetting that feminism still bears enough of a stigma to the point where that kind of joke even exists. Among various stereotypes of feminists, feminists are supposedly “man-haters.” Keep your eyes peeled for a podcast with the lovely Grace Yeh in which I talk about some of these stereotypes and why they’re so frustrating and untrue.

These stereotypes can be frustrating at times, but I will never let them stop me from claiming a strong intersectional feminist identity.  

Ask a Feminist - 1

So... why am I a feminist?

My love, Katiee

My love, Katiee

I’m a feminist because I’m tired of seeing only men being taken seriously in the workforce. I’m tired of seeing women disrespected not only in the workforce, but also in the bedroom and in the streets. I’m tired of having to explain what consent is and still seeing girls raped and sexually assaulted. I’m a feminist because I believe in a woman’s power, even if others may not.  

Luckily, though, there are some amazing women out there who are proud to call themselves a feminist. I teamed up with the every lovely Katiee to ask some fellow bloggers why they’re a feminist. Check out her post for some more reasons to be a hardcore feminist.


"Why are you a feminist?"

I'm a feminist because first and foremost, I believe in equality. I believe in equal wages, equal rhetoric, equal dress codes, and equality in the workplace. I believe in ending rape culture. I believe in de-stigmatizing the period. I believe in women. I AM A FEMINIST. 

Katiee, blog at

I’m an intersectional feminist because I believe feminism includes all genders, all races, all religions and all sexual preferences. Empowered people empower people, it’s that simple. For me that means not only standing up for human equality, but also sitting down and shutting up so as not to potentially take away valuable space from the voices of marginalized communities.

Natty, blog at

I was introduced to feminism in a particularly rough period of my life. Fellow feminists have helped me discuss issues in my life (such as mental health issues) that I would never have previously discussed. It's a constantly evolving movement and has opened my eyes in so many different ways. I'm a feminist because I believe in feminism's power to enact change, develop a more socially-conscious society and as a result, help others.

Eleanor, blog at 

I'm a feminist because I believe women should build each other up and be supportive of one another. I also believe that women shouldn't be ashamed of their bodies or who they are and that we should be able to have goals and dreams too and have the support to achieve them.

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Proclaiming that you’re a feminist shouldn’t be a complicated thing, nor should it be challenging or scary. Check out Katiee’s post to feel inspired and empowered and be on the lookout for a part two to this post! I’ll dig even further into my feminist identity and tell you guys just why feminism is so important to me.

That's all for today, loves. Let me know in the comments- Are you a feminist? Why or why not?