Living Lively with Girl Boss Brand, LIVELY

Do you ever struggle to stop comparing yourself to other women?

It’s hard when there are beautiful people out there, but it is so important to love yourself and start lifting others up alongside yourself instead of constantly feeling jealous of other’s beauty, brains, success, etc. LIVELY is a brand that celebrates this kind of mindset. I am so excited to be collabing with them!

Photo creds:  @rhi.jpg

Photo creds: @rhi.jpg

If you read my blog post a few weeks ago on defining feminism, you know that this summer, I'm working hard to collab with more brands that align with my beliefs of empowering women. One brand that I reached out to was LIVELY. When they responded and said they wanted to work with me, I was in the car. When I read their response, I actually screamed from excitement. 

I love the bralette's details! LIVELY is just amazing.

I love the bralette's details! LIVELY is just amazing.

The bralette that LIVELY sent me is their incredibly comfortable and wonderfully detailed Geo Lace Bralette. I could tell just when I opened it that it’s great quality and incredibly comfortable. It felt so soft! It was like butter, honestly. And when I put it on, I was only more sure that I was gonna want another bralette. Lucky for me and you, LIVELY gave me a code for $10 off any order: AMB-a_nnabae. The code expires on July 13th, though, so use it quickly! I already treated myself to two more of their bras... whoops  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I wanted to try making this bralette part of an outfit rather than just wearing it by itself or under some random t-shirt. It’s incredibly comfortable and you could totally do that, but look at it! It’s gorgeous! It deserves to be shown off instead of hidden away.

To make that happen, I chose my favorite iridescent shirt from Urban Outfitters. (Props to you if you remember it from this outfit.) I chose these black high-waisted shorts from Missguided to pull the look together by matching black with black. The buckle adds a detail that just kills me. Definitely gonna be looking for more shorts like these to add to my wardrobe. This pair is currently on sale for only $19 (!!!) so go treat yoself! For shoes, I wore Steve Madden sandals that I picked up at TJ Maxx. This pair doesn’t have the gold detail but the styling is similar.

What I love most about this bralette and outfit, though, is that I feel confident in it. Wearing a bralette made by a women-led brand for women like me makes me feel great. I love knowing that the clothing on my body is more than just fashion; it’s a lifestyle and a message.

LIVELY emphasizes #LivingLIVELY and to me, that’s pushing yourself to pursue your dreams, no matter scary that may be. It’s learning to love yourself even when you make mistakes. It’s learning to stop comparing yourself to others; it’s understanding how to see that you have your own strengths and weakness just as someone else does and instead of being jealous of another’s strengths, coming together with that person to create amazing things.

LIVELY is a brand full of women #LivingLIVELY, working together in that manner and creating the most beautiful and comfortable lingerie I’ve ever seen. I hope that through my blog, I can work with other amazing bloggers to create amazing things. 

What does it mean to you to be #LivingLIVELY? Drop me a comment below!


P.S. Don’t forget to use the code AMB-a_nnabae for $10 off your own purchase at! It expires on July 13th so use it quick!