Confidence is key with Isonia

**This post is sponsored! Aka I received these necklaces free of charge and was paid for this post. That said, I wrote all of this with utter honesty. I love love love this brand and wouldn't work with them if I thought I wouldn't.

Confidence really is key with Isonia.

Jaenice, the beautiful woman behind Isonia, purposefully designed her jewelry with minimalistic designs, with the intention of allowing her jewelry to enhance a woman’s confidence, rather than overpower it. She crafts each piece herself, making each one unique. Check out more about Janeice and the beautiful story behind Isonia here.

It took me forever to choose what pieces I wanted, as Isonia’s collection is absolutely beautiful. I typically wear necklaces, so I finally decided on two necklaces that I could wear together: the Gold Horn Necklace and the Lapis Blue Pave Moon Charm Choker.

All photos by Michael Vo, @ micho_vo

All photos by Michael Vo, @micho_vo

I wanted to wear an outfit that conveyed the elegance and confidence woven into Janeice’s beautiful pieces. This red cropped floral top, complete with bell sleeves, was the perfect choice. (Similar shirts here and here.) As for pants, I can’t stop wearing these grey corduroy cropped flares from UO

Confidence is a tricky thing sometimes, but this outfit, paired with these beautiful pieces from Isonia, made me feel like a princess. But like a spicy one. Self love can be hard sometimes, so I’m honestly so thankful for clothing that makes me feel like I’m the best stuff on the face of the planet. Because I am pretty great, ya know? But sometimes I forget.

Confidence is a tricky thing sometimes.

When I wear my Isonia necklaces now, they remind me to love everything that I am and to radiate confidence. I own so many necklaces, but a lot of them are bigger statement pieces, especially because I own so many jade/stone necklaces from Taiwan. These necklaces, however, are delicate and dainty and encourage me to let my confidence speak for myself first, then my outfit. I definitely can’t say that about the rest of jewelry.

All photos by Michael Vo, @ micho_vo

All photos by Michael Vo, @micho_vo

If you want your own Isonia jewelry (there’s more than just necklaces!), head to and use code VIPBABE15 for 15% off! I promise you won’t be disappointed. Plus, each order comes in a cute little pouch complete with a sticker! My sister stole mine and put it on her laptop. Bit bummed, but at least it’s gone to good use.

Do you have an outfit that makes you feel like queen of the world? Or king, or a non-binary royal figure or whatever you wanna be. Don’t limit yourself! Drop me a comment!