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Hey there! Thanks so much for dropping by and welcome to Mixed Hues. I'm Annabelle, the girl behind it all.

I started Mixed Hues as a way to express myself through my style while talking about issues that matter to me. Here, you'll find lots of content designed to tell my unique story while inspiring and empowering you. I hope that in reading my blog, you feel a little less alone and a lot more empowered to be your best self.


annabelle // @a_nnabae



On September 21st and 28th, I’m hosting The Embody Your WorthShop, a live webinar designed to empower micro-influencers by teaching you how to earn and embody your worth so you can demand it from brands and start monetizing your influence.

If you’ve ever felt burnt out by creating content for free, if you’ve ever wondered how to ask a brand for payment, if you’ve ever wanted to stop accepting free product and start getting PAID, this webinar is FOR YOU.

Be sure to sign up NOW, as the price will increase as I continue to host this. Beyond that, signing up early gains you EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to bonuses including a FREE CONSULTATION CALL with yours truly, as well as a FREE PITCHING AUDIT.

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My Taiwanese heritage is something I always struggled to appreciate and claim. As a child, my mom packed me 鍋貼 (dumplings) and other Asian food for lunch. I can’t even count the amount of strange looks and questions I received. Even when people were saying how much they loved dumplings, all I could feel was how “different” I was.

I started asking her to pack me sandwiches. She somehow managed to make the most depressing sandwiches I’d ever seen (two slices of bread with barely any peanut butter between them that never failed to get smushed by the time lunch rolled around), but it was better than dealing with everyone’s comments and stares.

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experiencing fetishization as a woc and dealing with it

As an Asian woman of color, I’ve dated men who fetishized and exoticized me because of my race. I’ve had my personhood reduced to a checkmark on various men’s metaphorical “fuckit” lists. 

dare to be powerful: embracing your "muchness"

Recently, I’ve noticed that I and the other women in my life often shy away from our “muchness.” We make ourselves small in order to take up less space. 

Dissecting the internalized misogyny of millennial pink

When I tell you that as a little girl, I used to hate the color pink, that doesn’t seem important. But if I tell you that I hated it because I thought it was a “girly” color, that’s weird.

Dear Pretty Little Thing: : My culture is not an aesthetic for your latest collection and it certainly isn’t for your profit. Based on your latest Valentine’s Day collection, it’s clear that you don’t understand this. In honor of the start of the Lunar New Year, I decided to dedicate my LNY blog post to explaining this statement.

Your latest collection (which reeks of loose threads, uncomfortable material, and the fastest of fast fashion) is a strong example of cultural appropriation. Congrats! You now have something in common with luxury, high end fashion brands. Say hi to Dolce and Gabbana for me, would you? You could have a great conversation about your love of boiling down entire cultures to a few, over simplified [racist] elements for aesthetic.

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self care and slowing down for a workaholic

I’ve had to learn the importance of self care the hard way. I’ve learned through sickness brought on by stress, through breaking down in tears between classes, through skipping class because I was crying from stress, and more. Burnout is real and taking time to slow down is absolutely necessary. 

how i became an aerie ambassador and urbn community intern

I truly believe that my success in being offered these positions has a lot to do with the experience I’ve garnered. I’ll be explaining some of the experience I have on my resume, the application process for both positions, and some career tips and tricks. 

5 things I've learned and 5 things I'm leaving behind in 2017

This past year has been kind of exhausting, honestly. 19 was confusing enough and then I turned 20 a few months ago in September and honestly, I’ve just been getting more confused about life ever since.

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