Mixed Hues

Recently, I’ve noticed that I and the other women in my life often shy away from our “muchness.” We make ourselves small in order to take up less space. We do so physically, through our posture and stance, and verbally, by cutting ourselves off or making ourselves less “threatening” by seeming and thereby becoming less sure of ourselves. When answering questions, we start off with “I’m not sure if this is right, but…”. When expressing our opinions or wants, we’re quick to cut ourselves off with “never mind” at the first sight of misunderstanding or opposition.

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twist on a trend: denim culottes

I refuse to admit that it’s getting cold here at Penn State, but if I’m being honest with myself, I definitely won’t have many more chances to wear shorts.

confidence is key with isonia

Confidence is a tricky thing sometimes, but this outfit, paired with these beautiful pieces from Isonia, made me feel like a princess. But like a spicy one.

winter style: scarves and sweaters

I hate winter time. Sure, you can wear sweaters and scarves, but it’s cold as hell out so you end up staying indoors and can’t really do anything fun outside. My skin gets drier, my Netflix consumption increases...



Dissecting the internalized misogyny of millennial pink

When I tell you that as a little girl, I used to hate the color pink, that doesn’t seem important. But if I tell you that I hated it because I thought it was a “girly” color, that’s weird.


I will never forget how incredibly shocked I was after reading the article. “Not everyone calls themselves a feminist? What?” was all I could think. It just didn’t make sense to me. 


Today we’ve got a topic that I’ve been broaching a little bit in the captions of my Instagram posts but have yet to dedicate a full blog post to… the F word. FEMINISM. Let’s do this. 



5 things I've learned and 5 things I'm leaving behind in 2017

This past year has been kind of exhausting, honestly. 19 was confusing enough and then I turned 20 a few months ago in September and honestly, I’ve just been getting more confused about life ever since.

living lively with girl boss brand, lively

It’s hard when there are beautiful people out there, but it is so important to love yourself and start lifting others up alongside yourself instead of constantly feeling jealous of other’s beauty, brains, success, etc. 

refocusing myself and jord watches

Life has been hectic beyond hectic this past month, and a friend recently helped me realize that a great deal of my stress was the direct result of my participation and efforts in things I simply did not want to do.